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to a standstill. state troopers and local police have deploy to the remaining gas stations in the new york city metro area and still have gas and power, those few that do, as agonizingly long lines have frayed the nerves and are now adding to the problems that are gripping residents who are now entering their fourth night without power or heat. most gas stations in the region remain closed. those that are open are facing very angry customers that are forced to wait hours to have a chance to fill up their cars. the temperatures in the northeast are dropping. mass transit in both states is barely running and driving around on already congested city is becoming downright perilous. we are hearing reports of violence with one queens man, reportedly pulling a gun on another motorist at a gas station. here in new york city, local news stations are reporting that residents are digging through dumpsters for food. where is president obama? after his photohelpop with chris christie, he boards fair force 1 and begins with a stump speech -- where? in green bay, wisconsin and then to las vegas. his final eve
-mart to get birth control pills. you can get all the condoms you want. in new york city, at a bar, they're free. just take a handful on your way out. planned parenthood, too. do you think she should be woman of the year? >> the reason that sandra fluke represents what woman or person of the year should be about is she took a national stage, not knowing she was was, by the way, with dignity and grace, talked about a challenging issue, regardless of what you think about the issue, raked over the coals, called a prostitute and slut, but continued to have a global conversation with civility. >> sean: wait a minute. the foundation of what she said was false. it's not $3,000 over the course of a woman's career. why should taxpayers be paying for her birth control? why? >> again, you could argue the merits -- >> sean: how about sweater questions on the merits? >> the point is what she represents in terms of the issue. you look at the people nominated by the general public, it includes the ayatollah of iran, ryan seacrest. he's a real-life barbie doll or ken doll. >> sean: you're going to insul
, including encouraging news for team romney. but first joining we, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. how many stops did you have? >> we did about 20. we did ohio and florida and we just finished in pennsylvania. >> you had five stops? >> norm coleman and i did all of them together. we had john voigt with us today in pennsylvania. and i was very encouraged by pennsylvania. i campaigned there a lot. i was, i was there in '04 when we came two points away from taking it. i was very encouraged by pennsylvania. i think there's a tremendous amount of activity there. the party is really energized. every group that we met with the crowds are really enthusiastic. they feel like they are relevant all of a sudden, all the talk about ohio, all the talk about florida, all of a sudden they are relevant. i think the party people, i think we have the enthusiasm factor on our side so we can pull it out. >> i have gotten the internals, i have seen them. right now it's tied. you saw the crowd last night. very interesting as we come down to the wire remember one thing i think most people will acknowledg
in new york city where it will cost them $50,000 to pay their rent alone who has to put kids through college. these are not donald trump. these are small business owners filing as individuals. the republican party need to start owning the messaging. >> politicians are the greediest of all. they spend too much money. they spend the lock box for social security. they bankrupt the company. they bankrupt medicare. they accumulate power. in the process, how come nobody ever focuses on how corrupt they are and how selfish they are? >> it's the narrative. people accept what is easiest to understand. we used to read a paragraph of the story. now we read the headline and accept it as though it's the gospel. we have to do a better job. my industry needs to do a better job of communicating the message. >> how bad is it going to get? >> i think it's going to get real bad. >> how bad. >> even if we don't go over the fiscal cliff, we're going into the recession because nothing on the horizon looks good. america needs to get ready for a slow economy to a weak economy. >> for how long will this last
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)